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      D-Essentials is a rock band founded by David Lapadat in 2013. Starting as The Essentials, the band was initialy a quartet with David Lapadat as leading vocal, guitarist and keyboards became a quintet as David gave up the role of keyboards player and changed it's name to D-Essentials. 

     David's Pack is the trio version of D-Essentials ( vocal, keyboards , drums). This new version of D-Essentials makes a huge change in style from a rock quintet to a jazz trio. David's Pack plays  special entertaining shows.

Before the music dies

Before the music dies is a show of music, poetry & performance.

The music and poems for this show were composed by David Lapadat.

David's Pack

David's Pack is a reevaluation of the well-known show RatPack from Las Vegas in the 60'. The dominant genre in this show is jazz that blends with pop, rock-ballads and rhyhtm & blues.


Goodbye till we meet again

Goodbye till we meet again is a show based on the song with the same name ( music & lyrics by David Lapadat). A very modern show were the music comes along with projected  video clips. 

From Notting Hill with love

From Notting Hill with Love is a Valentine's Day special. David's Pack brings up a very romantic repertoire featuring most romantic David Lapadat originals, for every lover to enjoy on their special day. 

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