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David Lapadat


Born on 20 August 1994 in Romania, the Bucharest-based poet-musician, reminding of Janus the one with two faces whose eyes follow the axes of time, cut from the same mould as Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash or Jim Morrison, David Lapadat reunites the poetry – lost on the modern avenues of uncertainty  – with music, forging them into an inseparable bound, since his debut in 2010.  

With roots in the North American and British rock music, the emotional flow that crosses his songs  reveals itself through the power of opposites which unveil strength - weakness, love - hate, departure – return.

            Redefining the concept of love in the 21st century, in his songs (as in dreams) beauty, life, death and love become eternal values – to love is to last – and so the inability to love or losing love, means losing touch with those values and  becomes a scission of the soul which can only be purified through suffering and art. Crossing the "purgatory" of unfulfilled love represents a path, a geography of the soul, an empty space  in which the succession of seasons is an illusion.

By asserting a poem of doubt and insecurity,  David opens new avenues in defining contemporary sensibility.


He has a B.A. in music composition, and a Master’s Degree in Jazz and Pop Culture, both at the Music University of Bucharest. In present he is a PhD student at the same university.

Alongside being a singer and a poet, David Lapadat is also a writer and producer (producing records and live music, poetry and performance shows in Bucharest). He is the author of three poetry books (Believe – 2016; To love & to last – 2018; After all we were born in the summer – 2019) and of the history\musicology book – The British Invasion – 2018.


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