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 Pop-Rock Icon David Lapadat Shares the Value of Music Business

I once heard a man say the expression “Taking care of business”.
I cannot say how important it is to know these four words. So I guess I see the music business like a big old black dog, that sometimes barks or bites, but you just have to take care of it, otherwise you are walking blind @david_lapadat .


Click on the photo to see full American Pride Magazine interview.

 My first American Interview

Last week, September2, I had my first interview in the USA, live at AVA Live Radio. It was a thrilling experience, and later on American Pride Magazine gave me the opportunity to share my full story, publishing my written interview on their September 5 issue.

 Goodbye Till We Meet Again - Release Concert

David Lapadat returns to Clubul Taranului Roman with the Release concert of his latest album. The entire show of the concept album "Goodbye till we meet again" was built by David with the help of his  team of artists, musicians, graphic designers, light designers and sound designers, team that goes under the name of David's Pack.

The Performance Show offered by David's Pack will be linked with both european and american pop-rock culture. This cultural tradition is revived and expanded from music to inner freedom disconnection of prejudice and dissimulation, in search of authenticity and sincerity . So "Goodbye till we meet again" on November 20th at "Clubul Taranului Roman"

David Lapadat - Goodbye Till We Meet Again


"Goodbye till we meet again" , is a collection of 11 " love letters " addressed to " lover girl " whose promises are empty of content and so the purification through suffering from the power of love , becomes a mere illusion. The emotional flow that crosses the 11 songs, reveales itself through the power of opposites which unveil strength - weakness , love - hate, departure – return. By asserting a poem of doubt and insecurity the album opens new avenues in defining contemporary sensibility. The coolness, the happy-sad sound of the songs is the result of bringing out all the things that a heart can conceal: hopes, dreams and desires.



David's Pack



Info from official site:


The adventure comes to life on stage at Clubul Taranului Roman, the web design,

the artwork, the sound cloud, music videos, and the wallpapers turn into live characters : David Lapadat, David's Pack and D-Essentials. The digital sound turns into acoustic sound at the live concert of David's Pack. 50's Jazz , all the blues and rock'n'roll fromn the 60's and the rock ballads composed by David Lapadat will become the elaborate soundtrack of the official page


No more than forever



Saturday, March 21, starting at 20:30, David's Pack, aka D-Essentials band, recreates a show of musical interference at Serendipity , where you'll find Dean Martin morphed into Elvis, Frank Sinatra into Bobby Darin, RatPack in rockabilly, jazz & blues culture being found in rhythm & blues and rock'n'roll.RatPack Legacy  continues  "No more than forever".

We are pleased to welcome you at our new show this month. See you there !

From Notting Hill with Love

Last month was the premiere of the show From Notting Hill with Love at Serendipity . The show was played with a full house and was well recieved by the audience. David's Pack will return at Serendipity in March with their new show "No more than forever" 

From Notting Hill with Love is a Valentine's Day special. David's Pack brings up a very romantic repertoire featuring most romantic David Lapadat originals, for every lover to enjoy on their special day. 



Sometimes - New music video


Last summer David Lapadat attended a songwriting masterclass at the Institute of Contemporary Music in London where along with writing some new material and a great time spent in England's beautifull capital city, he managed to shoot his first video for one of his best songs "Sometimes"

The video was shoot in a direct cinema manner, with 8mm camera effects. In fact the video is a one-take music video which uses different cinema patterns from the late 20' to the 70'.

You can check it out on youtube !


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