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Disguise your love

Disguise the pain

This is a fight

There is nothing to be gained

Disguise the hate

Put on a smile

Be someone else

And you’ll be fine

Hide your weakness

Give up your song

If you can’t grow old

Then You’ll die young

Say goodbye

And don’t you try

To search for forgiveness

And don’t ask why

Be true to yourself

Everything’s a lie

Just learn to live

So you can die

Don’t be afraid

And don’t be strong

If you do right

Then expect the wrong

Don’t you love

And don’t you hate

Don’t expect tomorrow

Don’t be too late

Don’t search for war

Don’t fight for peace

Don’t lose your heart

In a tender kiss

Don’t you leave

And don’t you stay

In the darkness

You can’t see no way

Don’t you sleep

Don’t stay awake

Hide your dreams

Your dreams are fake

Don’t stand tall

And don’t you talk

If you start to crawl

You must learn to walk

Don’t go to church

You still can believe

You don’t have a choice

As long as you live.

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