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October 31, 2016

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1st Love Letter - I Love You

September 9, 2016



          The first "love letter" from my debut album is called "I Love You", pretty obvious but the song is not just a common love song. It’s about the kind of love that you can’t explain but you know it’s there. It’s about the mystery that surrounds two souls that connect. It’s about feeling alone, alienated without love’s presence, because of the doubt that finds its way to your heart. The songs is made of opposites, it lingers between longing for peace and fresh air, the soft asylum that pure love offers and the cigarette smoke and tears that a vicious kind of love gives in return, the vicious kind of love that makes even stars lose their glow in the mud. And finally, the song struggles between the incapacity of confessing your love, when words are not enough to express your commitment, and the kind of love that speaks for itself without words, the kind of love you just feel. In fact the original title of the song was It’s useless to say I love you, and not because love was a lost cause, but because love should be an intimate connection between souls, and when it comes to the soul every other word or explanation is useless.

           There is a back story about how the song was written and recorded. The song actually started out as a poem I wrote back in Germany a couple of years ago. I went to Germany with an opportunity to rehearse and play a gig with a Jazz Big Band. I played rhythm guitar. Even though my time in Germany was short and the people were great, I started to feel homesick, so I thought what better way to overcome this feeling than to write a song. And so I did, I wrote a few songs, and a few poems. One of them was about love, and about missing the people I love. When I got back home I was inspired and wrote a melody trying to express that feeling and so I put my love poem on music and added a chorus. I recorded a sketch with my mobile phone and rediscovered it one year later. I was facing my first gig with my band, and I was searching for new material to play. I found that old recording of the song “It’s useless to say I love you” and with the help of the boys we turned the sketched-song that resembled a simple folk song into an electrifying funk song, and we played it at the end of the gig, and it was really a huge success.

                 The song was specially recorded to participate in the Eurovision Contest, so I changed the style from funk to pop-rock, with influences of jazz and western-country, and then we changed the guitar solos with a psychedelic keyboard solo. And of course I changed the title to “I Love You” because I find it more appropriate for a pop song.

            Even though the song didn’t reach the Eurovision Final Show,  “I love you” is well received by the audiences at every gig we play, and it remains one of my favorite original songs, that’s why I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to share it with you too.

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