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September 19, 2016

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I had been haunted by a ghost

October 31, 2016

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My debut album - What's it about?

September 9, 2016


              I talked in my first post about how I got to start my musical adventure, but now I want to tell you about my music, and my debut album, because it's been a long time from the beginning and some things do change.

              You will surely be attracted by my music, because it will open a new world to you, my world, but from the first notes you will find out that this world is somehow familiar, and slowly, it becomes yours. I put a lot of thought into having my special sound, my vibe, and so I pay attention to the things you can hear, and to the things you can’t hear in a song but you feel them somehow. Sometimes I think the things you can’t hear or aren’t that obvious are more important than those that you can pick up consciously. The subtleties of music and lyrics make the difference between a good song and a great song.

            As for my album, "Goodbye till we meet again" , is a collection of 11 " love letters " addressed to " lover girl " whose promises are empty of content and so the purification through suffering from the power of love , becomes a mere illusion. The emotional flow that crosses the 11 songs, reveals itself through the power of opposites which unveil strength - weakness , love - hate, departure – return. By asserting a poem of doubt and insecurity the album opens new avenues in defining contemporary sensibility. The coolness, the happy-sad sound of the songs is the result of bringing out all the things that a heart can conceal: hopes, dreams and desires.

           I will open up for you in the following months those 11 letters, one by one and so you will get to know the story behind every single one of my songs.

           Don't forget to subscribe on www.davidlapadat.com so I can personally give you my best songs as free gifts !


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