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   1. I Love You

   2. Sometimes

   3. Broken Memories

   4. Standing There

   5. I Need Someone to Love

   6. No More Than Forever

   7. I Hate You(but I Still Want You Back)

   8. Cute Little Girl

   9. Don't Say Goodbye

  10. I'm Still Loving You 

  11. Goodbye Till We Meet Again




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            Release Date: 7 October 2015

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   1. Away

   2. As We Break Up

   3. I Could Learn To Love You

   4. Just Kiss Me

   5. People Need To Cry

   6. Would You Understand

   7. Empty Spaces

   8. Love Me Just the Way I Am

   9. Wintertime Love

  10. You Are Saying Goodbye




  • eye with tear

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            Release Date: 1 October 2017

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Believe Vol. I

Believe_David Lapadat_ Vol I.jpg

            Release Date: 5 November 2021



   1. A Dream Of Summer

   2. Children of The Night

   3. Burning World

   4. Always

   5. Confusion

   6. Dark Outside (The Poem)

   7. A Million Miles

   8. As We Break Up (The Poem)

   9. Before The Music Dies

  10. Believe

  11. Broken Memories (The Poem)

  12. Can You Remember Heaven

  13. The Courage to Have No Fears

  14. Last Kiss In the Storm

  15. Goodbye Till We Meet Again (The Poem)

  16. How Can It Be

  17. How Many Souls

  18. I Believe That God Exists

  19. I Had Been Haunted By A Ghost

  20. I Love You

  21. I Never Met My Love

  22. I Remember

  23. I Shall Come Again

  24. I Told

  25. The Caravan

  26. Green Leaves In Autumn

  27. I Wouldn’t Let

  28. I'm Still Loving You (The Poem)

  29. In Your Eyes, Love


Believe Vol. II

Believe_David Lapadat_ Vol II.jpg

            Release Date: 7 December 2021



   1. Poetry

   2. Prayer

   3. People

   4. Dawn Of Love

   5. Six Years (The Poem)

   6. Just As I Learned The Color Of Your Eyes

   7. Last Letter

   8. Let Me Take You Down

   9. Let’s Disappear

  10. Lies

  11. Loneliness

  12. Loved By A Stranger

  13. No More Than Forever (The Poem)

  14. Our World

  15. Remember

  16. Round And Round

  17. The Same

  18. Sometimes (The Poem)

  19. Streets Of Cobbled Stone

  20. Summer By Summer

  21. The Earthquake Begins

  22. The Soul

  23. The Vow (Old Forgotten Song)

  24. Tiny, Tiny Angels

  25. Waiting For A Stranger

  26. What Difference Does It Make

  27. When The Music Is Over

  28. Who Are We

  29. You Know


To Love & To Last Vol. I

Vol I.jpg

            Release Date: 14 February 2022



   1. I Am Drunk All The Time

   2. Just Kiss Me (The Poem)

   3. Give Me Your Eyes So I Can See

   4. To Love And To Last

   5. The Cars Were Running Up And Down               The Street

   6. And Still I Am In Need Of Someone

   7. Phones & Love & Souls

   8. Hold Me Now Tonight Because In Dreams         I’m Traveling To You

   9. Leave Your Shadow Behind

  10. Would You Understand (The Poem)

  11. If I Was To Be A Poem

  12. By The Year Love Came Back

  13. Free Love

  14. I’ve Tried To Count The Kisses

  15. I’m The One That Set You Free

  16. If I Said That I Loved You Would You Still             Be Sad

  17. The Dying Rose

  18. About Those Who Let Me Down

  19. When Your Soul Is Cheaper Than A                    Chewing Gum

  20. Hang On, Souls Sometimes Get Lost

  21. Try To Be Yourself For A Change

  22. Reasons To Love, Reasons That Last

  23. Summer’s Almost Gone

  24. That I Love You

  25. Go, Go Far Away

  26. While I Am Awake

  27. Ending Wintertime Love

  28. It’s Useless To Say “I Love You”

  29. Holding The Entire Ocean


To Love & To Last Vol. II

Vol II.jpg

            Release Date: 11 March 2022



   1. Empty Spaces (The Poem)

   2. Away (The Poem)

   3. For Her Sake

   4. Touch Any Soul

   5. Words

   6. Why Do We Fall In Love

   7. It’s Too Late For Us To Say Goodbye

   8. I Feel The Wind Breathing In My Face

   9. I Want To Be Near Your Heart Every Time         It Beats

  10. Between The Raindrops (The Poem)

  11. Love Me Just The Way I Am (The Poem)

  12. Black And White

  13. The Things That Live Forever

  14. Deep In The Sand (The Poem)

  15. Try (The Poem)

  16. In My Cold Apartment

  17. Strangers, Friends And Lovers (The Poem)

  18. Dark Was The Night

  19. Into My World

  20. People Need To Cry (The Poem)

  21. Throw Towards Eternity A Glance

  22. You Are Saying Goodbye (The Poem)

  23. I Could Learn To Love You (The Poem)

  24. There Was No Poem As Beautiful As Her

  25. If I Could

  26. Kissing You Goodbye

  27. Leave Your Kisses, Scars On My Cheek

  28. The Missing Part

  29. And Now I Understand


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  • eye with tear

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  • eye with tear

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