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Dark Outside

Last time I held you

I didn’t sleep that night

The early morning was cold

And almost dark outside

Your head was on the pillow

I could see your face, only in the mirror

And I had a feeling it was time for me to leave.

So I kissed you on the head

Didn’t know if it’ll be goodbye

I was not afraid you’d stop me

I knew you wouldn’t try

And I left your room and closed up the door

And I left your house

And went down the road.

Baby, it’s dark outside

Baby, baby it’s dark outside

My love, is dark outside

Why won’t you come into the light?

A lonely kiss on a rooftop

Doesn’t mean anything to the stars

Even the moon is asking

What good is this love of ours

So I took you by the hand

And we went down on the stairs we once climbed.

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